Every Sunday Night at the Eldorado Ballroom

NO CLASSES and DANCE at Eldorado Ballroom this Sunday, March 25

Unfortunately the Eldorado ballroom will be closed this Sunday, March 25 for maintenance and we will be unable to host any classes or dance.






Six-Count Swing Sunday 7:30-8:00PM
Lindy I: Intro to Lindy Hop* Sunday 6:45-7:30PM
Lindy II: Lindy Hop Basics* Sunday 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy III: Lindy Hop Vocabulary* Sunday 6:00-6:45PM
Social Dance - All Are Welcome! Sunday 8:00-10:00PM
Elective: Weeks 1&2 (all levels unless otherwise noted) Tuesday 8:15-10:00PM
Lindy IV: Weeks 3&4 (intermediate fundamentals) ***NOTE: Cancelled for 2017*** Tuesday 8:10-10:00PM

* = denotes 4-week series which start over on the first Sunday of every month







Tuesday Lessons!

Join HSDS for another month of Tuesday night lessons! Classes located at Dauntless Dance (3221 Houston Ave). Please avoid wearing street shoes or clean your shoes when you walk in to avoid damaging the floor.


8:15-10:00pm Weeks 1&2: Elective (All-levels Solo Jazz - St. Louis Shim Sham) - Noah (Mar 6th and Mar 13th)
8:15-10:00pm Weeks 3&4: *****No classes*****


$15 HSDS Member for the month (Tuesday only)
$10 HSDS Student Member for the month (Tuesday only)
$7 for the night



Lindyfest takes place every year during Spring Break (March 2019 (dates TBD)). See the Lindyfest website for registration details.

Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest is the largest and most dynamic Lindy Hop event of its kind. This year marks the 22nd annual Lindyfest and the 11th annual Lone Star Championships! Check out what Lindyfest has to offer!

  • Learn from some of the best dancers in the world!
  • Dance all night to amazing bands and DJs!
  • Compete in divisions specific to your level!
  • Watch top-level competitions and performances!

Houston Jazz Dance Festival!

The Houston Jazz Dance Festival (HJDF) proudly presents its first annual celebration of Vernacular Jazz Dance, offering special performances, exciting dance workshops, social dancing and special events throughout the Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-27)! Showcasing Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Hip Hop, House, Tap and African dances! See the Houston Jazz Dance Festival website for more details.

The Houston DANCE Festival is a celebration of American Dances derived from the social traditions of Africans, Latinos and African-Americans. To all those who would like to partake you must be prepared to ROCK OUR DANCE FLOOR!